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We’re pleased to serve our Midland and Odessa communities as a trusted IT service provider with a reputation for responsive and innovative IT solutions.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Midland - Odessa

If you’re outgrowing your DIY technical support provider, Varay offers scalable solutions that grow with your business here in the Midland - Odessa area. With our managed IT services, we’ll take care of the IT problems causing you costly downtime so that you can get back to what’s really important. We can replace the role of an in-house IT team or come alongside your existing IT team to manage the processes and functions you want to outsource.

Our team will help you figure out what level of service you need, whether you manage a few cloud-linked devices for a small business or the entire infrastructure of a multi-site medical facility. Whatever your needs, we’ll be with you every step of the way to support your daily and long-term goals.

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Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security conceptCybersecurity

No matter what size your business is, you’ll probably be faced with a cyber attack at some point. Cybercrimes are more than just annoying — they can cause loss of data, technology, time, and money. Keep your business safe from cyber-attacks with our cybersecurity services. Varay monitors suspicious activity that can threaten your data and helps you make sure that you have the correct technology to keep your business secure.

Our proactive approach is designed with your business in mind so that it doesn't interrupt your success or workflow. We can help you meet HIPAA and PCI requirements to protect your customer’s data.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services don’t have to be intimidating. Simplify your team’s communication struggles and maximize efficiency with our cloud-based solutions. Our solutions can help you unlock your team’s productivity while reducing cost.

Varay’s team will figure out what level of service is most efficient for your organization, so your end result is scalable, custom-fitted, affordable technology that you can access anywhere — even on your mobile phone. With cloud service, you can securely store your data offsite, access your vital data and servers in a disaster, and drastically reduce the time and costs of running tests and analytics.

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IT-ConsultingIT Consulting

From project consultation to long-term planning, our professional IT services are client-minded and designed to help you build a rock-solid IT department. We’ll even connect you with our partners to help you find money-saving resources.

There’s no need to waste money on technology you don’t need. With our IT consulting services, we’ll create a custom plan that meets your needs and leverages the best tools for your business. Our eyes are always on the future, and we’ll help you plan for whatever changes your business may go through. Our customized solutions will help your organization remain secure against cyber attacks and back up your valuable data.

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Business-Continuity---Disaster-RecoveryBusiness Continuity/ Disaster Recovery

Disasters like fires, floods, cyberattacks, technical flukes, or human failures can happen without warning, so make sure that your business is prepared to handle them. We help companies create a business continuity and disaster recovery plans that enable you to implement emergency management to keep your business processes on track.

A disaster recovery plan focuses mainly on data recovery, keeping you safe in the event of cyber threats, internal malicious activity, and defective equipment.

Whereas a business continuity plan focuses on your business as a whole and takes into account things like alternate facilities, emergency contact information, and access to essential software and hardware.

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Industry specific IT support & IT service













Oil and Natural Gas

Oil & Gas

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Varay Managed IT is the #1 choice when it comes to IT Support in Odessa and Midland, Texas. Varay is committed to serving small business owners, CEOs of large corporations, and remote IT managers alike with secure, scalable IT solutions. Business owners choose Varay for their reliable fail-proof IT support that is back with 16 years of proven experience. Stop wasting time trying to put out everyday IT fires and start giving your business the attention it needs.

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 Managed IT Services In Midland And Odessa

Varay Managed IT provides responsive IT support in Midland and Odessa, TX

Every business owner in Midland and Odessa knows that they have a specific need for managed IT services to remain competitive within their industry.

A growing business needs the network infrastructure to support that growth and keep customers satisfied. If you think your IT system is holding you back, it's time to be proactive with the right IT solution in place.

Varay Managed IT offers scalable Midland and Odessa IT consulting and IT services at a cost-effective monthly price. We will provide the support to ensure that your company's network is in tune with your success, while also providing real-time network monitoring and 24-hour support from our live and highly trained tech support staff.

We help small to medium-sized businesses who are seeking Odessa and Midland IT services and IT support in Midland and Odessa develop and implement their network infrastructure for the long term. Then we support them locally with our comprehensive and cost-effective network support here in Midland and Odessa.

Don't let your business IT problems hold your business back. Instead, outsource your IT issues to us at Varay Managed IT, the top Midland and Odessa IT provider offering the best in Midland and Odessa IT services.

Contact us today to schedule a Free IT Assessment and learn more about how we can protect your business with managed IT support.  

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