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Today, cyber security services are essential for any business in El Paso or San Antonio especially when it comes to protecting their customer's data. Business owners have to be on high alert for cyber attacks that come disguised as various types of forms that not only target their business but their employees as well. These cyber threats can be detrimental to any businesses and it's productivity. That is why it is important to have the best cyber security solution in place. 

Varay Managed IT's V-Secure™ Suite offers El Paso and San Antonio a wide array of top cyber security solutions for businesses that will save the expense of a costly cyber attack.  Our cyber security services are designed with your business in mind so that it doesn't interrupt your success or workflow. We have the background and expertise to handle clients no matter their goals and can help businesses meet HIPAA and PCI requirements. With the average cost of a phishing attack on mid-sized companies being 1.6 million dollars, can you afford not to be secure?


Creating a “Human Firewall” to Protect Your Business from External Cyber Attacks

What is a Human Firewall?

“A group of people following best practices to prevent as well as report any data breaches or suspicious activity"

On average a business falls victim to a cyber attack every 40 seconds. Are you prepared? Varay Managed IT recommends the following checklist to start the process of creating your Human Firewall.


Human Firewall Implementation Checklist:

varay-favicon-lr-1Designate a "Security Champion"

varay-favicon-lr-1 Make it fun - awards for early completion of training, departmental competitions on who reports the most phishing attacks, etc.

varay-favicon-lr-1Make it a team effort

varay-favicon-lr-1Skill sets and level of awareness will vary. Be patient. People have different levels of experience using technology.

varay-favicon-lr-1 Set expectations - security should not impede productivity, although users may have to adapt to new practices

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Protect your network from cyber threats that could sideline your whole company for days with our PCI and HIPAA compliant Managed Firewall Solutions.

DNS Security Protection

DNS Security Protection

Manage your company's internet activity to minimize costly DNS (Domain Name System) attacks and increase productivity.

Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence (SIEM)

Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence

Stay on top of suspicious activity that could harm your company as it occurs with Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence/ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

This Could Have Been Prevented

These are real examples of successful cyber attacks made on clients prior to signing  with Varay Managed IT's  V-Secure™ Cyber Security Solutions

Local Ransomware Attack

Event: Ransomware infection at a local doctor’s office

Systems Impacted: All servers and exam room computers

Downtime: Several Days

Ransom Cost: $50,000

Local Spear Phishing Attack

Event: Spear phishing resulted in compromised email account. Email was then used for a social engineering attack on a local financial services firm

Impact: Unauthorized transfer of $500,000 in funding

Have Your Credentials Been Compromised?

Often times cyber attacks on businesses go unnoticed, and cyber criminals want it that way. They want to wait for that perfect moment when sensitive information is at their fingertips and with your hacked credentials they have the luxury of doing so until you are aware. This loss of information can cripple a business not only financially but also from a customer perspective. Often times business is lost due to ineffective cyber security parameters that are in place.

Would you want to trust your banking or personal information with a company if you knew there was a history of them leaking customer information?  We recommend using the have i been pwned? site to see if your credentials have been compromised for free. Cyber Security Services and awareness is key to keeping your business protected.



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