IT with heart comes from humble beginnings


Varay today looks very different from its baby pictures. In fact, about the only features you’d recognize are the spark of ingenuity, focus on earning trust, and excellence in IT service. But we actually started as a humble IT department for a wonderful Texas insurance company. By 2003, our team was thriving and unlocking new wins for our mother organization. That’s when they realized we could succeed as a standalone company. And Varay was born!

Workplace security training

Today Patrick Holland and Griffin Canak lead Varay’s team of expert geeks in the mission of making life and business better for small and medium sized organizations. And unlike so many IT service providers in Texas who meander into the land of IT from other niches, Varay is a born native.


Our tech roots give us a unique depth of perspective, so we know when to be early adopters and when to trust a proven process. Early adoption comes with risks, so it’s our standard practice to take the time to personally and thoroughly vet new technology before we share it with our clients.


Though we’ve grown and shifted through the years, today we’re still just as passionate about building trust and serving with excellence. Our team’s care (and spidey-sense response to changes in business and technology) make Varay an invaluable partner for many growing Texas businesses.