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Communication is a pillar of success for any company in El Paso or San Antonio. Without an effective company phone system for communication, you could be losing that important connection with your team and clients.

Varay Managed IT helps businesses streamline their communication so that they are geared for success. We will provide your business with the latest in Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to bring your phone system into the new age with cost-effective solutions built and customized with your specific business in mind. Varay's business phone solution offers mobile softphone capabilities, business-minded integration, a web-based interface, call reporting, and call center capabilities. Make the smart decision and avoid the potential headaches; trust your business's VOIP phone solution with Varay Managed IT, a Digium registered partner.


The advantages of a VOIP company phone system

Softphone Mobility

 Softphone Mobility

Have the ability to communicate from anywhere at any time with softphone capabilities. Be able to make and receive calls as if you never left the office without giving your personal phone number. Keep extension capabilities along with advances call control that includes; transferring, 3-way calling hold and more.

Web Based Interfaced

Web Based Interface

Take control with the latest in call controlling for your business phone system. Customize your virtual panel to meet your business needs. Have the ability to monitor, record,  receive and transfer calls all from your web browser. 

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your business phone system by having call reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Learn from call details and trends to improve your call structure and streamline your business for success.

Custom Solutions & Integrations

Custom Solutions & Integration

Whether you are a medical practice needing to stay in touch with patients or a car dealership needing to stay on top of leads, Varay Managed IT has the solution and experience to implement your business's phone system correctly and with ease.

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Why choose Varay Managed IT for your company's phone system

When it comes to implementing and maintaining your business phone system, Varay Managed IT has you covered. Varay has been serving San Antonio, and El Paso businesses with their IT needs for over 18 years. We know what it takes to deliver a reliable and properly designed phone system that matches your business needs and will back it up with our endpoint to endpoint IT support if you are thinking about making the switch to a VOIP business phone system, trust Varay to get the job done.

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