Password security should be top of mind for business owners

Where do you store your passwords?

This question alone could land a company in some hot water.

Password management, for some means resorting to sticky notes, excel spreadsheets and hoping their browser has it cached.

Having these passwords out in the open is a HIPAA auditor's dream and your worst nightmare. Not having a password strategy could lead to some hefty fines and compromised passwords.

What typically happens after your passwords are exposed? Besides being the next headline in tomorrow's news, you face a loss of access to software and the documents you need that can lead to company downtime.



The solution

V-Docs MyGlue provides your team with a managed, simple, and safe environment where they can store and create passwords.

V-Docs also helps your business create and securely share standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists. These SOPs and lists can be accessible to selected teams or your whole company to build efficiency through a structured process.

Access to essential accounts and software makes V-Docs MyGlue your ideal tool to ensure business continuity and security.



What does V-Docs™ MyGlue provide?

varay-favicon-lr-1 Password Management - Store, create, and maintain your passwords both from your computer and mobile phone.

varay-favicon-lr-1Secure File Storage and Sharing - Keep your standard operating procedures securely accessible to the right people when needed.

varay-favicon-lr-1SOPs and Checklists - Promote efficiency by creating checklists and standard operating procedures for any situation.

varay-favicon-lr-1Accessibility - Easily access V-Docs from our web app, mobile app, or any web page using the Chrome extension.

varay-favicon-lr-1Security - We keep it secure with the latest in cyber security, along with role-based permissions, audit trail, version history, two-factor authentication, and the highest standard of cloud software, SOC 2 compliance.

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