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If you want to know everything about a person you are just a password away. Social security information, birth dates, banking information, client information, all can be unlocked within seconds with the latest in password cracking software. So what can you do to fight back? Today's Tech Tip will help you plan out your next password. You are probably only a couple of characters away from making your password impossible to hack within the next 20 years. This is how you do it. 



Keep them guessing

I know this might seem basic but it is important to have a password that is not tied into things that you like publicly. This means keep sports teams and pet names out of your password because hackers do their research and will use any public information to gain your guarded information.


Keep your passwords private

Once a password is shared it becomes obsolete. Worst yet, it can enable hackers to obtain other personal information that they can then use to crack other passwords. 


Phrases are better

If you think that adding a bunch of crazy characters will make your password more secure, think again. It is proven that a lengthier password such as Wheredidmy8dogsgo? will be tougher to crack and easier to remember than a 6-8 character password that contains a bunch of special characters such as Q*&%#tm!. 


Know when to change your password

There are key times when a password should be changed to keep your information guarded. Some of these key times include:

varay-favicon-hr Suspicion of your account being compromised

varay-favicon-hr  Logging into an account on a public device, computer, or network

varay-favicon-hr You have shared your password with someone

varay-favicon-hr If it has been a while since you changed your password


Passwords need a safe and secure home too

It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the dozens of passwords that we have to stay on top of as professionals. Often times you may catch your coworker writing them down on a sticky note or entering them on an Excel spreadsheet but there is a better way. Password management systems like Varay Managed IT's V-Secure™ Password Management service gives businesses worry-free accessibility to their passwords and avoids the hassle of trying to come up with one. If your team would like relief from the common password headache feel free to contact us for a consultation. 



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