What Is The Internet of Things?

If you’re one of the many Americans who aren’t familiar with the phrase, “the Internet of Things,” it basically refers to our increasing line of products that collect and transmit data via the internet. Think smartphones, fitness trackers, smart thermostats, etc. Once the stuff of sci-fi books and spy comics, gadgets of unsurpassed capabilities and […]

There’s no stopping mobile video on Twitter

First we told you it was no longer enough to simply have a web site. Now it’s not even enough that you’re on social media. Mobile is huge – it’s all everyone is talking about – and to truly be effective in your marketing efforts, your focus now needs to be on ensuring that all […]

The smartphone buying guide

December is the holiday season for many, and that usually means that people are out finding gifts for their friends, family and colleagues. One of the more popular gifts is bound to be the smartphone. When looking for a smartphone though, it can be tough to find one that is a perfectly suited to the […]

Looking for new tech? What kind to get?

When it comes to technology, nothing is better than a new computer or system. The problem many small businesses face is that they often can't afford new tech, and normally wait to replace items. The end of the year, and first few months of the new one is historically the best time to purchase new […]

Smartphone ‘Cases’, Anyone?

For little extra expense, by providing protective cases for your employees’ Smartphones you not only protect a $200 to $300 Smartphone, you may also save your business from a loss of thousands of dollars worth of data if they’re damaged. Many businesses all over the world issue Smartphones to their employees. While they can seem […]

The Smart Solution to Lost Smartphones

To counter potential losses from compromised data in lost smartphones, security experts recommend smartphone applications capable of wiping your smartphone’s data as well as triangulating your smartphone’s location – making it possible to protect your data and possibly get your phone back at the same time. A few years ago, mobile phones were basically just […]