Bringing It Home: Breaches and Phishing Hit Texas and New Mexico

There’s an interesting phenomenon in psychology known as “The Just World Effect.” Basically, we have such a hard time accepting our own vulnerability that we blame people for the unfortunate events that befall them. The underlying belief is that bad things only happen to people (or organizations) that had it coming in one way or […]

The truth about healthcare security

While many small businesses mistakenly think they’re immune to data breaches because of their size, and therefore put minimum protection in place, healthcare organizations can't ever risk taking this laissez-faire approach – and they'd be in trouble if they did. After all, there are rules and regulations when it comes to healthcare IT systems, and […]

Your Reputation is Important Online as Well as Offline—Are You Managing Both?

Your reputation and your company’s reputation are important. When people talk about you or your company, depending on what’s being said, it can have either a helpful or a damaging effect. In the online world this can be even more challenging, as the proliferation of websites and social media tools make monitoring these comments more […]