Top 4 Tools for KPI Dashboarding

The basics: What you really need to measure KPIs Businesses and organizations have better performance measuring resources available to them than ever before. But how do you pick the right KPI dashboarding tool for your business? We’ll show your our top 4 tracking tools in just a minute, but first let’s talk about the essential […]

Four main types of BI

Data and what businesses do with it has become a popular science. Many take some steps to track and analyze important data, and from that make decisions or changes to their current strategies. The use of data to make better decisions is commonly referred to as Business Intelligence (BI). But, did you know that there […]

What Exactly is a KPI?

Business intelligence is the study of a company’s data with the goal of enabling managers and owners to make better decisions. One section of business intelligence commonly talked about is business performance, or more specifically the tool used to measure it – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Do you know what KPIs are? Below is an […]

Tips on creating dashboards

Humans are generally visual creatures. We need to see something to believe it, or be able to digest and use it. For most companies wanting to gauge their performance and success, they need to analyze existing data. The problem is, data by itself is useless. It only becomes onceful once it is collected and analyzed and […]

Gain competitive advantage from BI apps

In many cases, the key to a competitive advantage is the effective application of Business Intelligence (BI). Through analyzing business data, companies gain the ability to identify weak spots and develop ways to strengthen them. While BI is complex, there are many software vendors that have released Software as a Service (SaaS) apps to help […]