Bringing It Home: Breaches and Phishing Hit Texas and New Mexico

There’s an interesting phenomenon in psychology known as “The Just World Effect.” Basically, we have such a hard time accepting our own vulnerability that we blame people for the unfortunate events that befall them. The underlying belief is that bad things only happen to people (or organizations) that had it coming in one way or […]

Online identity theft is big business

Do you have copies of your identification, passport, credit cards or SIN/Social Security numbers online? If you do, you likely have it stored on what you believe to be secure services. Even these services i.e., the cloud, have come under attack, and yes, user information is usually the target. The fact is, many users don’t […]

Simple Tips to Prevent Identity Theft While Online

It’s important these days to protect your data and personal information as more and more people become victims of identity theft. Don’t let yourself become the next victim. All it takes is following some simple steps to ensure a safer and more secure online experience. Security experts are seeing a rise in the incidence of […]

Important Update: President Signs Red Flag Clarification Act into Law

Professional service providers such as attorneys, accountants, and doctors no longer fall within the definition of a creditor under the Red Flag Rule. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) so-called “Red Flag Rule,” which requires all businesses that are potential identity-theft targets to develop plans to spot red flags and prevent theft, received much criticism for […]