Varay Case Study: Scalable IT in Action for Project Amistad

Need a big infrastructure change? We’ve got you covered Client description Project Amistad is a wonderful non-profit agency that works hard to serve and improve quality of life for the elderly, people with disabilities, and at-risk populations among 36 West Texas counties. In order to continue serving with excellence, Project Amistad’s 168 employees recently consolidated […]

Apple is set to improve cloud applications

The process of moving particular elements of the iTunes Store, Siri and Apple News to a secretive service known only as Pie has already begun, with more services such as iCloud and Project McQueen getting the same treatment in the coming years. Apple has said that bringing these teams together can improve its current cloud […]

5 questions to ask your cloud provider

Many tech trends come and go over the years and are continuously evolving. What was bleeding edge five to 10 years ago is now commonplace. such as cloud technology. Companies have found that cloud services have realizable benefits and are beginning to migrate existing systems in higher numbers. 2013 will likely see a continued increase […]