Cloud Users Need to Ask These 3 Questions

Cloud security tips The forecast is pleasantly cloud-y for today’s businesses, as more and more choose offsite cloud storage solutions. And for good reason: The cloud is economical, user-friendly, and incredibly convenient — everything a growing organization could want! Almost. Think of the “silver lining” analogy in reverse. Remote storage is definitely a big, wonderful, […]

How Effective Training Leads to Job Satisfaction

Who would have guessed employee education was one of the best paths to retention and productivity? I always thought that honor went to good coffee. But studies have shown that employees who receive training, from administration to temporary workers, are the most satisfied. And I’m sure adding good coffee in with employee education could only […]

Learning Management Systems 101

Supercharge productivity and team morale with an LMS Imagine if you had to schedule time to surf LinkedIn or Facebook, and when your scheduled time arrived you had to be at a certain location, on a specific device. And someone needs to coordinate with you to track your time. Would you enjoy using LinkedIn or […]

Data Backups as an Investment

As a teenager, my cool older brother was always pushing limits, both in terms of our parents’ sanity and the integrity of his bones. He jumped off our roof into a shallow pool and built his own rickety halfpipe in our yard. Risky behavior is a given for teenagers, but owners of small- and medium-sized […]

Identity and Credit and Breaches, Oh My!

Top 10 personal security tips to keep you safe this holiday season In light of the recent Equifax and Yahoo breaches, we wanted to bring you some helpful tips to maintain your personal security during this blissful, busy season of gift purchasing and celebrating. Restaurants are the primary brick-and-mortar source of credit compromise. Memorize and […]

How Much to Budget for IT, Part 1

Get ahead of the curve with a realistic IT budget Did you know most of your competitors aren’t creating smart IT budgets right now? We’ve found that it’s the norm for technology-dependent businesses (and businesses are almost universally technology-dependent) to leave their IT expenses up in the air until an emergency arises. Then they take […]

VR tech helps promote business growth

It’s been reported that Facebook is about to ship out its Oculus virtual reality headsets, and Google has its own version in the works. By taking all of this into consideration, it’s safe to say that the VR landscape is about to experience growth — and small- and medium-sized businesses should take advantage of this […]