Tackle your goals with the help of IT consulting pros

It’s always wise to bring in a fresh set of eyes as you prepare to conquer a new challenge. It’s straight-up genius to bring in Varay’s expert IT eyes. Our professional IT services offer advantages like:

• Project consultation, strategizing, and support

• Long-term planning and consultation as your vCIO (virtual chief information officer)


Your team can tap into Varay’s expertise and resources (including money-saving partnerships). Professional IT services mean we catch your vision and work as your trusted IT partner to strategize, flesh out, and support your goals. We can do a network assessment, consulting, vCIO, SharePoint development, VoIP solutions, and build or adapt your network or server infrastructure.

What is IT consulting?

You shouldn’t be throwing money at technology you don’t need. We can create a plan to help you streamline and leverage the best tools for your organization — without the fluff. Our consulting looks like:


Our skilled team will hone in on areas of      vulnerability in your infrastructure and design a tailor-made solution for your needs.


We’ll cut your hardware and software expenses. Varay has built strategic vendor partnerships to make sure you get the highest quality IT for less.


We can create a custom IT solution to secure your systems and ensure your business will survive the worst. This is commonly called a disaster recovery plan.

How does it work?

01 Plan

You’ll meet your point-person (a dedicated account manager) and work through questions that will help you identify:

  • Your needs
  • Your goals

You and your account manager will create a timeline that will guide both your organization and our IT team so you can stay on track and build momentum as we implement your new technology.

Make a Great Plan


What is vCIO service?

Varay’s vCIO service is really a type of consulting that most benefits small to medium sized organizations that don’t have a strong technical advisor. As your virtual chief information officer, we can help guide you into success through any changes you foresee for your company in the next year, or two years … or even five.


How large do you expect your company to grow? 


Do you expect to move? 


Will you open new offices? 


How will these changes affect your company’s IT needs?

As vCIO, we act as a fresh set of eyes. Let us take on the stress of planning the IT aspect of your future growth so you can focus on building your core business.


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