Why Do I Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Only the prepared survive

You’ve seen those bumper stickers, right? The ones about being prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

Don’t act like you haven’t thought out a plan.

But how many people take very real cyber threats seriously enough to draft a solid disaster recovery plan?

Threats to your network security range from hackers to floods, fires, and even innocent user errors (ever hit “delete” on something regrettable?).

Each of these disasters can instantly cause enough damage to knock you right out of business — maybe for good.

In the best case scenario, a disaster can cost you clients and untold hours of cleanup and rebuilding, as well as a load of confidence in the future stability of your business.

Are you confident in your disaster recovery plan?

A good plan makes a secure business

Anyone can download a firewall and an antivirus program. And anyone can overwhelm or overcome said programs.

And a fire or flood simply won’t notice your firewall and virus protection at all.

When your backup plan is weak, critical data and functioning will be the first casualties of a manmade disaster or natural event.

That’s the trouble with bare bones disaster relief planning.

But if you’ve got medical records, sensitive information, financial records, or classified info, you don’t want a bare bones plan — you need a team of professional IT zombie preventers and slayers.

Varay takes a “no Band-Aids” approach to potential weaknesses, preventing disasters before they arrive, and making backup plans that will allow for business continuity even if the worst happens.

Effective disaster recovery planning is a multi-layered process

Varay uses three types of disaster recovery control measures:

  1. Preventive measures — Controls that aim at preventing IT disasters from happening in the first place
  2. Detective measures — A series of controls that analyze your network traffic for unwanted or suspicious events the moment they occur
  3. Corrective measures — The plan and means to bring balance back to the system after a disaster or disruption

These three elements come together to create a disaster recovery plan that will protect you from attack (and user error) and environmental hazards, and put safeguards in place so a flood, hack, or virus won’t keep you from performing critical business functions.

We want to keep you free to do what you do best, even in the worst case scenario.

The right tools for the job

As with any kind of disaster, there are certain tools that can set you apart and keep you thriving.

We offer a comprehensive, customizable range of data protection tools, like:

  • On- and off-site data backups
  • Private cloud solutions
  • Surveillance to detect any strange activity
  • Disaster recovery testing to make sure the safeguards are current and working

When your data is securely stored and protected, you can access your critical business functions at a moment’s notice, no matter what.

For many businesses, having these tools makes the difference between a headache and a heart attack when the unexpected happens.

We’ve got your back

Who do you want on your zombie-fighting team when the big virus strikes?

It may not be the zombie virus, but the threats to your IT security and sustained business functions are very real, and just as scary.

Varay has the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to make your business secure through any manmade or natural event that threatens to disrupt your critical business functions or compromise your data.

Get in touch with us today for a free, non-intrusive audit and find out how well prepared you are for a disaster.

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Photos courtesy of Pixabay, via simonwijers, geralt, and PeteLinforth.