Managed IT Services For Healthcare

Managed IT services for healthcare that lets you focus on patient care

With nearly two decades of expertise in IT services for the healthcare industry, Varay Managed IT in El Paso and San Antonio understands the medical industry and your unique HIPAA and IT security needs.

Securing client data is a responsibility you can’t afford to place in the hands of a budget IT provider. Your industry is particularly fraught with cybersecurity threats, HIPAA IT compliance requirements, and a constant need to compete using top technologies.

In fact, healthcare is the most breached (and most expensively breached) industry out there.

Don’t make the same mistakes your peers are making. Choose a reputable provider who knows the ins and outs of managed IT services for the healthcare industry.

Varay Managed IT is your trusted healthcare IT provider, offering a wide range of healthcare IT services and consulting tailored to meet the unique needs of the medical industry. With our nearly two decades of expertise, we understand the critical importance of HIPAA compliance, data security, and staying ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats. Our comprehensive healthcare IT support ensures that your systems remain secure, efficient, and compliant, allowing you to focus on delivering quality patient care. By choosing us as your managed IT services provider for healthcare, you can avoid the costly mistakes that others in the industry have made. Partner with us to benefit from our industry knowledge and expertise in healthcare IT consulting services.


Don’t guess about your healthcare IT security or compliance

Varay is a trusted partner for El Paso and San Antonio’s physicians and medical practices. 

We have a proven process to guide your practice and help you meet HIPAA IT requirements and avoid the many pitfalls of lax cybersecurity and data handling.

Varay Managed IT can work with you to develop your IT network infrastructure from the ground up so that all of your processes and technology keep you moving forward without fear of HIPAA fines.

Bring your company up to speed with:

varay-favicon-hr Remote and on-site support

varay-favicon-hr HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions

varay-favicon-hr HIPAA-compliant IT security for your network

varay-favicon-hr HIPAA Risk Assessments

varay-favicon-hr Data backup and recovery 

varay-favicon-hr Proactive cybersecurity and monitoring 

varay-favicon-hr vCIO and IT consulting 

varay-favicon-hr Reliable VoIP business phone system integration

varay-favicon-hr Guaranteed Response Times 


Because your company has unique needs within the medical industry, Varay will take the time to understand your particular challenges and goals with your EMR or EHR system, workstation implementation, and communication. 

We’ve seen it all. So whether you want to launch a new practice the smart way or you’re ready to upgrade your technology and streamline your success, Varay is here to supercharge your growth with IT services for the healthcare industry in El Paso and San Antonio.


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