How to do a dark web scan

Over 133,000 C-level executives had their credentials available and accessible on the dark web in 2020.

Source: ID Agent

Our free one-time non-intrusive dark web scan provides makes it easy to find information on compromised company email addresses on the dark web so you can take action immediately.

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What's the dark web?

The dark web is where criminals buy and sell black market items such as illegal drugs, firearms, stolen personal and company information.

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What is a dark web scan?

A dark web scan scans all of the associated emails tied to a domain on the dark web.

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What our dark web scan can do for you and your company?

• Make you aware of credentials that are on the dark web
• Prevent future data loss (credentials, data, finances)
• Help educate employees on the importance of changing passwords regularly


Our goal at Varay Managed IT is to help promote cybersecurity awareness within our communities and local businesses through our free non-intrusive dark web scan.

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