Financial IT Services That Fit Your Needs

Unlike many IT vendors, Varay Managed IT has been tailoring support and IT services for the financial industry for nearly two decades. 

Your reputation is your greatest asset, and Varay stands with you to protect it. We’re experts in serving El Paso and San Antonio with financial IT services. 


Grow your reputation and your organization with:

Solid network infrastructure constructionvaray-favicon-hr 

Financial IT solutions that avoid downtimevaray-favicon-hr

 Cybersecurity solutionsvaray-favicon-hr 

 Client-minded IT supportvaray-favicon-hr 

varay-favicon-hrGLBA and PCI-compliant strategies 

varay-favicon-hrCustomized financial IT solutions 

varay-favicon-hr Guaranteed Response Times


Worry-free strategies to keep you in compliance

Don’t settle for generic IT services from vendors who don’t understand the ins and outs of the financial industry. 

We’ve earned our stripes as the preferred financial IT service providers in the San Antonio and El Paso areas.

You have enough to keep track of and worry about as you grow your company. Let Varay handle the IT security and solutions. Our experience allows us to secure your organization and maintain GLBA, CPI, and other financial segment requirements to keep you in compliance.


Stay one step ahead with smart IT solutions

We also stay on top of innovative technologies and financial IT solutions to give you a competitive edge. If you’re looking to boost efficiency or communication in the workplace, Varay can help with that too.


We offer the following financial IT services:

 Remotevaray-favicon-hr and on-site support 

 PCI-compliant solutions varay-favicon-hr

 Cloud solutionsvaray-favicon-hr 

 Data backup and restorationvaray-favicon-hr 

varay-favicon-hrProactive cybersecurity and monitoring 

varay-favicon-hrvCIO and IT consulting

 varay-favicon-hrVoIP business phone system with soft-phone capabilities

varay-favicon-hr Guaranteed Response Times


Work with El Paso and San Antonio's top financial IT service provider

Don’t waste time with generic IT support. Choose Varay Managed IT — a trusted partner in the financial industry.

Contact Varay today for your IT needs. 

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