Cyber Security

Secure your business on its most attacked front: your employees.

As a cybercriminal takes aim at a corporation, the most effective point of entry is through an employee — a network user who unwittingly opens the door. The door can be a spear phishing email or another slick, sophisticated trick.

Spear phishing attacks are to blame for 91% of successful network breaches.

And they’re harder to spot than you’d think. Even savvy employees are vulnerable to sophisticated ploys that mimic genuine emails.

And the fallout can bring your organization to its knees.

Our solution: train employees to act as your first line of defense

Varay’s cyber security awareness training is a fun, effective way to equip your team to:

    • ✓Minimize risk of cyber attack (ransomware, phishing, hacking, etc.)


    • ✓Drive down remediation costs


    ✓Avoid fines by staying compliant with HIPAA and PCI DSS regulations

Maximum return on your cyber security investment

Our easy-to-deploy, easy-to-access SaaS security awareness training is an essential tool to secure both your business and your profits.

In fact, security awareness training has one of the best returns on investment in technology. A Ponemon Institute study found this kind of training has a 50x ROI over the course of a year!

Trust Varay’s comprehensive security awareness training

Our learning management system makes it easy to measure that return on investment with accountable courses. Courses cover:

  • Understanding cyber security and malware
  • How to work safely and securely
  • Avoiding phishing, hacking, and social engineers
  • Social media awareness
  • Safe internet and email practices
  • Password security
  • Relevant compliance regulations

Let Varay take the stress out of guarding your network.