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Posted by Amanda at Varay on May 17, 2021

Internal IT vs. Outsourcing IT Services: Pros and Cons

MSPs vs. internal IT, here are the pros and cons between a managed service provider and hiring an internal IT position. Evaluating them can help you find what is best for your business.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on March 25, 2021

Are you shopping without a list? Here’s why it’s time to take inventory of your IT assets.

Taking inventory is a critical first step in acquiring business IT equipment. Learn how business owners accomplish this task with ease.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on October 12, 2018

Best Communication Tools to Replace Email

It takes mental energy and time to check emails all day. There’s a more efficient way to communicate: collaboration software for SMBs | Varay, Texas

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man with binoculars monitoring network | Varay, El Paso
Posted by Amanda at Varay on February 12, 2018

Do you need network monitoring?

Varay of El Paso offers 24-hour network monitoring to protect your business from attack.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on October 27, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Tech Tools for the Office

Want to streamline work? Here are my top 10 favorite tech tools for the office | Varay, El Paso.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on October 20, 2017

How Much to Budget for IT, Part 2: The Hidden Cost of Old Computers

Old computers aren’t just frustrating, they can actually drain money from your business. Here’s what you need to know. | Varay, El Paso

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