Google’s data gathering under a magnifying glass | Varay, El Paso
Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 18, 2018

See What Google’s Data Gathering Has Learned About You

Google collects way more personal data about you than Facebook. Here’s how to see exactly what Google’s data gathering has learned about you.

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Facebook under scrutiny with magnifying glass after data gathering scandal | Varay,El Paso
Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 4, 2018

Tools to Protect Your Online Privacy on Facebook & Beyond

These tips and tools will help you protect your online privacy as you use Facebook and other websites. Make sure your private data stays within your control.

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Happy data thief | Secure data on old hardware
Posted by Amanda at Varay on December 27, 2017

How to Secure Old Hardware Before Disposing of It

Varay of El Paso has tips for keeping your data secure when you throw away, donate, or sell old hardware.

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