Runner gets ready for a run, illustrating cybersecurity compliance.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on July 21, 2023

Don’t hit the snooze button on cyber fitness and compliance!

Following cybersecurity compliance requirements is like an exercise routine — great for your business’s health! Find out how to get in great (cyber) shape!

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employee working with a bluetooth headset
Posted by Amanda at Varay on January 2, 2019

What Hospitals Need to Know About Ransomware

We’re seeing more ransomware attacks on hospitals, and they cost far more than a ransom fee. Here’s how they gain system access|Varay, San Antonio & El Paso

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employee pointing on a computer screen with bluetooth headset
Posted by Amanda at Varay on November 29, 2018

Healthcare Breaches are the Most Devastating

Though healthcare breaches cost almost 3x as much as other breaches, many in the industry are skipping basic security steps | Varay, El Paso and San Antonio

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on October 27, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Tech Tools for the Office

Want to streamline work? Here are my top 10 favorite tech tools for the office | Varay, El Paso.

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desktop computer
Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 30, 2017

Varay case study: Ransomware hits local healthcare

Ransomware hit a defenseless El Paso business, but Varay Managed IT now protects them from future attacks.

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two people sitting on a bench
Posted by Amanda at Varay on April 27, 2017

Varay Case Study: DRP for Senior Health Center

Planning ahead for disaster recovery saves more than your business — it can save lives. Plan with Varay Managed IT

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