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Posted by Amanda at Varay on March 5, 2019

Case Study: Optimizing Local Logistics Company

Never settle for a mediocre IT service provider. See how ITS upgraded to Varay’s legendary IT service | Varay Managed IT, El Paso & San Antonio, TX

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on August 18, 2017

Case Study: Smart IT Scales With You

Growing? It’s the perfect time to look at your expanding network and needs. Save time, money, and frustration. Let Varay scale your IT services as you grow.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 30, 2017

Varay case study: Ransomware hits El Paso healthcare

Ransomware hit a defenseless El Paso business, but Varay of El Paso now protects them from future attacks.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 16, 2017

Case Study: Securing International Business

Varay found a number of solutions to keep our international business client secure and efficient. Here’s what we did.

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Posted by Amanda at Varay on April 27, 2017

Varay Case Study: DRP for Senior Health Center

Planning ahead for disaster recovery saves more than your business — it can save lives. Plan with Varay Managed IT

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