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Data thief phishing between two laptops | Varay, El PasoAvoid spear phishing attacks with safe email practices

Imagine you live in a pristine gated community with a buzz-in gate entry.

But you’ve got one neighbor who buzzes in hoodlums with spray paint cans, thieves, and your mother-in-law, without a second thought.

That’s kind of what it’s like when your employees don’t use safe email practices. Any efforts you’ve taken to secure your network and protect your employees go out the window when you’ve got employees who open dangerous messages.


Sometimes mistakes are the best teachers

We’ve launched a new Security Awareness Training element in our V-Secure™ suite that capitalizes on the same appeals real spear phishing emails use to lure their victims.

We create benign emails designed to look legitimate (you’d be blown away by how good spear phishers are at faking visual credentials), but also containing hallmark traits of malicious imposter emails.

When one of your team members opens the email or link, they’re directed to a training on safe email and internet practices.

The training they receive immediately after opening the email is:

  • Respectful
  • Engaging
  • Effective

Different fake phishing emails are sent over a period of time, and you receive reports about how careful your employees email practices are, and any areas of concern.


Why safe email practices matter

Our tech-dependent business world has created a lucrative market for data thieves and ransomware extortionists. Cybersecurity is now one of the most valuable areas you can train your team in.

Even small to medium sized business are at risk of welcoming in malware and ransomware when employees open phishing emails. Three-quarters of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Your team needs to be trained to slam the door on illegitimate emails to protect you from:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of data
  • Loss of money
  • Loss of compliance


Invest in your reputation

Another loss that’s hard to quantify is the loss of reputation. If people don’t feel like they can trust you with their data, you won’t make it. A trained team is on the front lines to protect you from loss of reputation.

Varay stands with you as a trusted partner, securing your business from the inside out.


Contact us today to set up a free visit to determine your IT score and learn more investing in you reputation through employee training.

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