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Back-to-school mornings are stress-free with these tech tipsDoes the process of getting your kids on the school bus feel more like a trip on the struggle bus? You’re not alone. 

As many of us at Varay are parents ourselves, we have major respect for those of you who power through the morning chaos to get your littles ready for school (and life) while simultaneously pulling yourself together for a productive day of business.

We’ve pulled together some stress-free family tech tips that will help put you back in control of your mornings.


Top 3 family tech tips

1) Take advantage of home automation.

This tip is especially exciting if you’re in the market for a new home. Many homes are now being equipped with seriously convenient features like: 

  • Automated smart home security
  • Smart thermostats that detect when you’re not home and pause climate control
  • Smart locks and garages that secure the house if you forget
  • Smart lights-out technology
  • Smart sprinkler systems that allow you to control them from your phone (and detect leaks)

Even if you’re not in the house market, you can save yourself a lot of frustration with these tools. Identify your most irksome forgotten morning tasks, and look into a device that will take on the burden for you. 


2) Use a password manager for more than just passwords.

Lastpass is a great service for eliminating the 11 hours we waste resetting passwords every year. But, it’s more than just a password manager. A good password manager service will also allow you to keep secure, encrypted notes that are easy for you to pull up as needed. 

For example, if you get to registration day and realize you need little Khloe’s SSN and most recent immunization info, but you don’t have it memorized (no shame), no problem. Just log in — you can even use a quick fingerprint authorization if you want to make it super fast — and pull up her notes. 


3) Use your inside voice.

If you use Google Home or Alexa, take a few minutes to brush up on the ever-expanding features you can take advantage of. 

You now have the futuristic ability to tie little shoes at the same time as you record an important note to yourself — complete with a reminder set for a quieter moment. You can even ask your personal home assistant to order dinner or remember where you put an important item (a must-have blanket, for example).


Get off the struggle bus

We hope these family tech tips make your mornings happier. Working parents have an incredible mental load, and leveraging technology is one of the greatest ways to take back some brain space for your family and your job.

Varay is here to help you bring some of this same serenity to your business. We look forward to connecting you to the technology and tools that will streamline your communication, collaboration, and ability to access vital data no matter what the day holds.

Contact Varay today to learn more about simplifying life in the office.

Get Off The Struggle Bus

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