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burned personal computer | Varay, El PasoAs a teenager, my cool older brother was always pushing limits, both in terms of our parents’ sanity and the integrity of his bones.

He jumped off our roof into a shallow pool and built his own rickety halfpipe in our yard.

Risky behavior is a given for teenagers, but owners of small- and medium-sized businesses put their livelihood at risk when they ignore their need for a solid data backup solution.


Backup is a necessity, not a luxury

As part of a robust disaster recovery plan, data backup is the single biggest advantage you can give your business.

When you’re able to access vital data during a disaster (be it a virus, flood, fire, or other catastrophe), you survive. But without proper backups, you risk:

  • Downtime
  • Loss of reputation
  • Penalties for failure to comply with security regulations
  • Inability to continue business

We encourage people to think of backups like fire insurance. It’s not a luxury, it’s just part of the cost of keeping yourself in business in today’s technology-dependent environment.


Modern data backup doesn’t have to blow the budget

It wasn’t long ago that businesses kept a paper trail of essential operating data.

But file cabinets and cardboard banker’s boxes shouldn’t be the only barrier between a business’s vital information and disaster.

There’s a truth about modern life we continue to observe in the wake of disasters like 9/11 and Hurricane Harvey: cutting corners on data backup is more costly in the long run.

And there are some really good offsite backup options these days that are increasingly economical and secure.

Disk and cloud storage, for example, both offer fast, reliable backup perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses.


We’re here as a trusted partner to keep your doors open

Every organization has different needs and compliance regulations to consider, and Varay would love to help you find the best backup option to fit yours.

Contact us today to set up a free visit to determine your IT score and figure out what kind of backup your business can benefit most from.

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