Woman fishing on fishing rod representing cyber awareness.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on March 10, 2023

4 ways to be “the one that got away” from a phishing attack

Phishing scammers want your business to fall hook, line, and sinker. Check out these cyber awareness tips to ensure your business doesn’t take the bait!

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Boring presentation without entrepreneurial operating system advantages.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on January 9, 2023

What’s our secret to great IT service? Hating Mondays!

We’ve taken a stand against unproductive team meetings! Find out the entrepreneurial operating system advantages we’ve seen at Varay (and with our clients)!

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Top view of programming old computers showing how managed IT has evolved.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on December 28, 2022

We’ve said “Bye bye bye🎵” to the IT service of the 1990s — have you?

In terms of technology, people are more focused on security than ever before. From protecting our kids (who are growing up with tech), to being aware of scams — security is on many peoples’ minds.

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before and after dog
Posted by Amanda at Varay on October 3, 2022

IT makeover, MSP edition: GLOW UP while your business saves money

If your business is pivoting or scaling back, change can be an opportunity to improve! Find out how your MSP can save you money AND maximize your resources.

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Woman in office making smoothie representing supplemental IT support
Posted by Amanda at Varay on September 12, 2022

Take your supplements! Internal IT + supplemental IT for healthy balance

Even the best internal IT department can benefit from supplemental IT support. Find out if your team could use the boost that supplemental support provides!

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Piggy bank being squeezed during the economic downturn.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on August 30, 2022

Feeling the squeeze? Reassessing and improving in tough economic times

The economic downturn provides an opportunity to change and improve. Now’s a great time to reassess your business’s IT support and streamline your service.

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Aggressive gesture showing the right levels of IT support
Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 28, 2022

How to “V” confident your business can meet cybersecurity challenges

Varay’s V-Care Suite offers three levels of IT support to confidently face cyberthreats.

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A wildebeest metaphor for businesses without cybersecurity controls.
Posted by Amanda at Varay on June 9, 2022

Don’t be the oblivious wildebeest! Security tools to assess your risk

Cybersecurity Controls | Varay Managed IT

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Cats vs dogs and Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace
Posted by Amanda at Varay on April 11, 2022

Deciding between Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace? We can help!

Deciding between Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace can make a big difference for your business. Find out if you’re using the best platform for your needs.

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Fortune cookie with a message about protecting your credentials
Posted by Amanda at Varay on March 21, 2022

You don’t need a fortune cookie to know that your credentials will be compromised.

This year, you (or someone you know) will experience compromised credentials. An MSP can help your business make protecting your credentials a priority!

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