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Supercharge your business growth with reliable IT services that scale with you.

Work smarter, not harder. At Varay, we’ll take on the stress of protecting your business so you can minimize your risks and maximize your ROI.

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IT Services for All

No matter what your role is, we have solutions to help you spend less time worrying about IT and more time focusing on what matters most. We have extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes in numerous industries.

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Reliable IT Support for Your Industry

We believe that reliable response times to client-minded support are the driving force behind all that we do at Varay. We provide solutions for businesses in construction, financial services, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, wholesale, and more. 

We know that IT isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, so we partner with leaders in the IT industry to create customized solutions that will grow with your business. No matter what your IT needs are, Varay can help you work smarter and stress less.

Our quick responses minimize your operational disruptions

Our 100% guaranteed response times ensure you get consistent on-time support. We know that downtime costs money and productivity, so we make it our priority to be there when you need us.

You’re easily onboarded & consistently informed

From the moment Varay connects with your business, we continuously strive to prove our value to you. From our stress-free onboarding process to our expert IT consulting and our quarterly IT reports, we’re your company’s biggest advocate.

Your needs guide our personalized service

We take your feedback seriously as we use it to gauge how we can provide your company with the IT support that fits your needs best.

Our relationships are built to last

We create long-lasting relationships with our clients, the average term of which is 8.5 years. Why? Because we prioritize our client’s best interests above all else.

You thrive with our diverse pool of experienced IT professionals

There’s no doubt in our mind that our biggest asset is our skilled and knowledgeable staff. We’re proud to invest in our team’s growth by covering expenses for their continued education which allows them to provide you with the latest and best IT practices. As a result, our average employee tenure is 8.25 years.

You scale your business while we sort the details

Scaling your business is an overwhelming process, so we’re confident Varay is the right move for you. Why? Because Varay makes your job easy by aligning your IT infrastructure with your business goals.

Managed IT Services

If you’re outgrowing your DIY technical support provider, Varay offers scalable solutions that grow with your business. With our managed IT services, we’ll take care of the IT problems causing you costly downtime so that you can get back to what’s really important. We can replace the role of an in-house IT team or come alongside your existing IT team to manage the processes and functions you want to outsource.

Our team will help you figure out what level of service you need, whether you manage a few cloud-linked devices for a small business or the entire infrastructure of a multi-site medical facility. Whatever your needs, we’ll be with you every step of the way to support your daily and long-term goals.

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